On this page you will find a variety of information concerning Social Media; everything from what weblogs are, how social networks can help or hurt your business, and how the Internet is impacting the world community.

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Social Media Engagement - Good habits are hard to start!
Having worked with a number of organisations to help them integrate the social web into their existing customer communications strategy I've learnt that the hardest thing isn't the ideas, the approach or the social medium to use; the hardest and biggest challenge is "change".

Are we in a Social Media bubble?
You may not agree with this but you can't ignore it either. A recent issue of Media Life lays out a compelling case making the current enthusiasm for social media sound a lot like the "irrational exuberance" that led to the dot com bubble crash of 2001.

How to Motivate People to Buy
If you’re in business, someone’s got to buy something for you to make money. At least last time I checked.(Twitter, call me). For the rest of you, this article should help you get more people to buy something.

Why People Use Twitter
According to the “Consumer Internet Barometer” from TNS and The Conference Board, 41.6% percent of Internet users who used Twitter did so to keep in touch with their friends.

The Exploding Internet 2008
Statistical jpeg image of Internet usage in 2008 with comparision charts to 2002, 2004, and 2006. Includes stats for 7 major countries, detailed break down of traffic by application, and future use projections.

Social Media Engagement and Your Bottom Line
The ENGAGEMENTdb study details how pervasive engagement with consumers through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and hosted social networking platforms correlates to better financial performance, and reveals for the first time significant positive financial results for companies who measured as having the greatest breadth and depth of social media engagement.

The Top 10 Benefits of Play
Play is extremely important for humans from birth to death. Play is not meant to be just for children. It is a form of release and connection that can tap into creativity and can allow you the chance to connect with your inner child and the inner child of others.

Fun and The Importance of Play: Why Adults Need to Play, Too
It’s important to your stress level and your happiness quotient that you have at least one activity that you do regularly just for fun. Hobbies and other fun activities provide a fun way to sharpen skills, express your creativity, or just blow off steam.

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