Currently, I am a student at Kalamazoo Valley Community College pursuing a degree in Website Design/Interactive Media with an emphasis in photography.

Why hire a student to design your website? As a student, I am learning the cutting edge technologies and employ only the most current Internet standards. These standards, put forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), are created to allow the greatest accessibility to the World Wide Web regardless of browser or user agent used. User agents are anything from your PC at home to the latest smartphones.

The newer standards are important because different user agents have various monitor sizes, processor speeds and memory limitations. So your website needs to be authored (coded) to be viewed by these various devices and still look and perform well.

This may not appear to be important now, but you never know who will be viewing your site and with which device. Designing a site from the start with modern standards will ensure the greatest accessibility to the largest number of users and keep your website current for the longest period of time.

To learn more, please send me your questions via my Contact Page. Remember there are no stupid questions, only opportunities!
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