Austin Lake Chiropractic Website Austin Lake Chiropractic is a perfect example of a wonderful, local business that lacked a home on the Internet. Their presence on the Web entailed of several listings in chiropractic directories, a good first step to reaching out to clients searching for them online, but lacked a home of their own. Now they have one location for their current client base to find answers to common questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as a way for new clients to be introduced to what Austin Lake Chiropractic can do for them:

Artwork by Tad Trimnell Website Tad Trimnell, while also being my brother, is a very talented painter and sculpture who specializes in abstract expressionism. Like many artists, Tad lacked a permanent location to display his artwork. Before the digital age, artists would personally take their portfolio, usually in the form of slides, from gallery to gallery hoping for an opportunity to display and sell their work. But today, all of that has changed. Every artist should have a Web site that is not only a virtual art gallery, but is also a virtual portfolio and a permanent archive of their life work. For Tad, it is

Metz Darling Literary Website Teresa Rothman, aka Metz Darling, is a writer of Short Stories and Poetry. Many years ago she complained to me how difficult it was to share her writings with friends and family. Email was just too unreliable as some email programs would corrupt her files. Red Line Studio offered to build her a Web site, a place for all her family and friends to enjoy her work with the added benefit of being a permanent archive for her work. Read and enjoy!
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